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Instructions For Ordering
  1. Collect Horse Hair: Instructions For Collecting Horse Hair
  2. Measure: Instructions For Measuring
  3. Print And Fill Out Order Form: Order Form
  4. Mail Horse Hair And Order Form. (Mailing instructions can be found on the order form.)
Instructions For Collecting Horse Hair
NOTE: Tail Hair Only!

  1. Grasp the longest hairs at the bottom of the tail.
  2. Lift the longest hairs to one side and with other hand pull the shorter hairs away. Separate as many short hairs as possible so you are only cutting the longest hair.
  3. Cut close to the tailbone.
  4. Cut 2-4 bunches from different sections on the tail so you are not cutting too much from one area.
  5. The final bundle should be the diameter of your pinky finger. For a standard sized bracelet the length needs to be 12-15 inches long. For a necklace the length needs to be twice the length of the finished necklace.
  6. Tie a rubber band around the bundle. Please do not use tape.
  7. The hair should be clean and free of tangles or mats. Do not braid or knot the hair.
  8. Do not send hair that is covered in dirt or feces. Ideally wash and completely dry hair before sending. Do not add oil, show sheen or any other similar product to the hair.
  9. Put the hair bundle in a zip-lock bag. Label the bag with your name and phone number.
  10. Mail along with your order form. (Mailing instructions can be found on the order form.)
Instructions For Measuring For Jewellery Orders
Measuring for bracelets:
  1. Measure your wrist at the largest part.
  2. Add 3/4-1 inch to this measurement depending upon preference.
  3. This is your final bracelet length.
  4. On the order form indicate the finished bracelet length NOT the wrist size.

Measuring for necklaces:
  1. For the desired length, measure a necklace that you own.
  2. Use this measurement on the order form.